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Milkyway Icons

by enoughspace & fatalnocturne

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Hello and welcome to Milkyway Icons, an icon journal maintained by seramars & fatalnocturne. We specialize in making icons just for YOU! Everything we make is based on personal interests and if we decide to take requests, we'll let you know. We hope you enjoy looking at our icon creations and feel free to take whatever you like. Be sure to read the rules and regulations before heading off with any of our icons. If you have any questions, ask either one of us and we'll be happy to help. This profile features Ashe from Final Fantasy XII and uses textures from Tre-Xture!
01 No direct linking.
02 Credit the maker of the icon or credit milkyway_icons
03 Comment and say which icons you're taking
04 If you plan on using the icon somewhere else, tell us!
05 Textless icons are not bases unless stated.
06 Do not edit any of our work.
07 Do not claim any of our icons as your own.
>>credits. here >>awards. here
>>loves. foo fighters. final fantasy. astronomy. astrology. anime. fall out boy. queens of the stone age. icontests. red&black. coldplay. alternative rock. dreamers. nightlife. trucks.
>>hates. her job. the sun. rude people. country music. viruses. yellow. heartbreak. hate. war.

Hiya, I'm seramars and I specialize in making video game icons, especially from the Final Fantasy series. You will find icons of musicians, actors, and anime thrown in sometimes. I love making icons that depict hope and sadness. My favorite colors to use are pastels and my favorite effect to use are sparkles!
.loves. friends - family - food - Final Fantasy - nature - the color red - love - life - laughter - hope - faith - trust - music - anime - the elements - etc.
.hates. liars - hypocrites - perverts - cheats - being alone - excessively bright colors - hate - unnecessary bloodshed
.credits. here!

Hello! I'm fatalnocturne and I make icons of pretty much anything, as long as I think it looks nice (although that normally amounts to a ton of Final Fantasy icons. XD). I'm not quite sure if I have a certain style, although it's very rare for me to make an icon without at least one texture. xD

.Examples. - -